Amateur Radio

George at UN Headquarters in New YorkjAmateur (or Ham) Radio is a non-commercial communications service with particular emphasis on providing emergency communications. Hams contribute to the advancement of the radio art, expand the existing reservoir of trained operators, technicians and electronics experts and have a unique ability to enhance international goodwill.

George Tranos is an avid Amateur Radio operator. George’s ham radio callsign is N2GA, is active in most aspects of the hobby and is a member of a number of Amateur Radio clubs.

Some of the Amateur Radio Clubs and Organizations that George belongs to are:

    • ARRL – the national association for Amateur Radio


CQ Amateur Radio

    • LIMARC – the Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club


Ham Radio University

Order of Boiled Owls

Yankee Clipper Contest Club

George has won numerous awards including:

George Tranos has participated in four World Radiosport Team Championship events, the last in July 2018 in Wittenberg, Germany. These events are like the ham radio olympics, with the best operators from around the world competing on an even playing field. This fosters international goodwill and exemplifies the best in ham radio. George was WRTC referee in:

  • 2000 in Bled, Slovenia for S549L team of RZ9UA and UA3DPX.
  • 2006 in Florianopolis, Brazil for PT5X team of PY2NY and PY2EMC.
  • 2010 in Moscow, Russia for R38F team of UA9AM and RU9WX.
  • 2018 in Wittenberg, Germany for Y83B team of LZ5VK and RW4WR.

George has served as a leader in the Amateur Radio community as: