Motorcycles and motorcycling are all about freedom, fun and excitement.  Riding can be a lifelong pursuit with riding well as the ultimate goal. Riding a motorcycle is economical, fun, social and liberating. The goal of this webpage is to provide some resources to help others learn about motorcycling, what it takes to become proficient and point out some hints and kinks.

George on ZX6 at Infineon Raceway

George works as a motorcycle safety instructor with the Big Apple Motorcycle School. He is a certified RiderCoach with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and a New York State Department of Motorcycle Vehicles certified driving and motorcycle instructor.

George on Kawasaki ZX14

George is a member of the following motorcycle organizations:

George has owned many different motorcycles over the years. He currently rides a BMWR1150R and a Triumph Sprint ST. He also owns a Yamaha YZF-600R that he uses only on the track and an older Honda CB750 that he is restoring. George rides as many different motorcycles as he can and has ridden everything from dirt bikes, ATV’s, cruisers, standards, sport touring bikes, tourers and sportbikes. He has ridden in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Riding in Brazil

George Tranos also works as a motorcycle journalist and photographer. He has written hundreds of articles about motorcycling. For some of his work, please see Articles by George Tranos on the Big Apple Motorcycle School website.

George on BMW R1150RS in Brazil